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Step 2. Align bottom blade with the top blade. Step 3. Extreme left hand tooth of the top blade must be on the first small tooth of the bottom blade. Step 4. After blade is aligned, tighten screws. Step 5. Plug clipper in. Turn switch on and off a couple of times, and then recheck alignment of blades. I have 7 of your clippers and theres no way i can make them work properly once i have taken the blades out for cleaning. You should not need to take the blades off for any reason unless you are putting on a new set. With that said it is important that you are aligning these blades properly.

If you still have issues, you can always call us for a repair. Our customer service team can be reached at Hi, I am also a bit confused about this.

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There are no videos to watch to put it back. When the clipper starts making a real loud buzzing, what do you do? By the way it did this right out of the box, seems like it should have been adjusted prior to leaving factory.

I never knew that clippers needed to be oiled used for more then a year. Then the clipper started pulling hair and i opened the blade and found rust between the blade, i wd40 the blades, wipd it. What to do? Thank you.

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They were incorrectly aligned from the start and would not cut on the extreme left side. On resetting the blades, which required some degree of force to hold them in correct parallel position for tightening, I noticed the lug from the motor which fits in to the top blade is very poor fitting, and when all is tightened and aligned this top blade can be pushed up to extend way beyond the bottom blade, as if slipping out of its fixture! There is very little clearance between blade edges on these clippers, if the top blade was to slip out of position due to this ill fitting design it would not be good.

Please look in to this, thanks. Hi I just bought my Wahl clipper online but it sounds like a vibrator. Too noisy and strong vibration. How to minimize the noise. They work perfectly now.

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Thanks Walter! Hello, Need to return a Wahl clipper that had its head broken 2 months after purchase! Or return it for a fix. I have used all three clippers on my dog and her fur is so thick, after 3 or 4 uses the blades go out of alignment.

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Is there something I am missing about grooming my dog? Or do I just need to keep realigning them every time I use them on my dog? My clippers worked perfectly on my dog. Hi, I just bought the reflection senior and after adjusting it they seem to cut my skin a little when testing the adjustment. Is it because the sharpness of the new blade? I still want to adjust them closer to a zero.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mine was still good, but the problem is that it is too noisy whenever I used it.

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Is there a way to reduce it? Its very loud from the first time I used it up to now. While cleaning my wahl clippers I mistakenly detached the lever and I cant find a way to put it back on the machine. The guy on the video said that he made the video for non groomers that accidentally do this, I followed the instructions, bringing my blades up higher along with aligning them and voila! My clippers worked. Hope this helps someone. I was performing some preventative maintenance on my wall clippers.

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Took the blades off, wiped, oiled. Now I have been following your instructions on aligning the blades. Left tooth of the top blade positioned with the left blade of the bottom. Any suggestions? I have your clippers for dogs km2. And I am in the Dog house, it a trimmer with the clipper model Is there a guide or manual to help get this back in working order? Hi, so I just purchased a Wahl 5 star senior, and when adjusting the lever position the blade does not move evenly.

Is this normal? And is there any way to fix this issue?

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  8. Benny is a passionate man for the culture of barbering and the beauty industry. From winning the most excellent student in barbering workshop at high school graduation in to winning the first Wahl Online Barber Battle in he demonstrates his dedication and continuous effort in his growth and professional development.

    The now W.

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    Even while being in a platform that many may admire Benny pursues continuous education in this he communicates that learning is a never-ending journey and that a good leader not only has followers to whom he has the responsibility to influence in a positive manner but that a good leader also has the responsibility to follow those that procced them and have the experience to take them to the next level. Having a motivated mindset from a young age, and a philanthropic spirit, Kevin has traveled to Vietnam, China, Philippines, Hawaii and Mexico to donate his barbering services to the less fortunate.

    Attending countless hair shows, seminars and competitions winning 25 trophies to date inspires Kevin to continue gaining knowledge and understanding the responsibility to give back. A multi-award-winning artist licensed as a master barber, cosmetologist and instructor. Known for her innovation, originality and impeccable design work, Corina remains humble and dedicated to this competitive and fast-moving industry.

    An advocate for philanthropy, she continues to give back by sharing her industry knowledge accumulated from over 20 years of experience. Striving to motivate, educate and inspire through teaching, Corina uses her social media presence to interact and share her authentic style with those across the world.

    Tracey has done just about everything — excellently — at some point during her versatile career: National Educator, Cosmetology Instructor, licensed barber and cosmetologist, and most recently: Education and Artist Coordinator for Wahl Professional, U. And while Tracey is just as comfortable behind the chair as she is in the classroom, her infectious personality has led to countless students finding their true potential with every curriculum she creates and every classroom she leads.

    With over 30 years of combined experience as a Master Barber and Barber Instructor, Laura skillfully generates and directs all educational opportunities and events for Wahl.

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    Laura joined W. In addition to her year imprint on the industry, Laura strives to be an agent of change in transforming the industry to dissolve industry titles and embrace creativity, encouraging artists to challenge mental boundaries to be versatile in their skillsets and with their tools. With his sharp ability to learn and succeed, Jose Barba is a testament to the advantageous initiative of investing in yourself. Not only completing his classes and training, Jose chose to learn from the experts in local barbershops and salons at every chance he could get.

    Now, Jose has emerged as an expert, participating in training classes, hair shows and barber battles regularly, even educating a group of barber students in China last fall. Passionate about hair, Miguel Rosas opened his first barbershop in his teens, routinely being the first to show up at his shop and the last to leave. He shines not only as a good barber, but an excellent role model. He is known for executing intricate designs and portraits, along with his positive attitude, bringing new ideas and the ability to intrigue others while educating and demonstrating new haircutting techniques.

    Creative and innovative with his hairstyles and designs, Miguel joined W. Joining the Wahl Education platform had been a long-term dream and goal of his, and having it come to fruition is nothing short of amazing. He fully embodies the notion that hair is where art and design meet. Being a member of W. Licensed in both cosmetology and barbering, Nieves is recognized for his advanced yet simplified clipper cutting techniques, such as Chicago graphic hair designs—also known as hair tattoos—in addition to his blending and fading techniques.

    All of his techniques can be translated in both English and Spanish, expanding the capacity of his education to reach even more professionals. Initially inspired to pursue a career as an educator in the industry after attending hair shows as a student, Nieves is proud to be a part of W. Utilizing knowledge from both her barbering and cosmetology backgrounds, Lauren Milner brings a wide perspective of haircutting to demonstrate to professionals of all skill levels new ways to improve their techniques, helping lead to increased efficiency. Darryl's whereabouts are unknown.