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Only 16 teams will have the privilege of vying for the gold medal at the Men's Olympic Football Tournament Tokyo , the best of the best, which is why booking a place at the competition is an achievement in and of itself. As the host nation, Japan automatically qualify to compete in the tournament. The question now is, what does your national team need to do to fill one of the 11 remaining places in Tokyo next year? Let's take a look at the regional qualification tournaments that will take place throughout the year and next, in chronological order:.

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Spain finished as champions, defeating Germany in the final. The AAM may also be the uncorrected proof, which has yet to receive final author and publisher approval. Because journals and publishers vary in their willingness to allow their authors to self-archive the postprint or the preprint of the published work, legal problems may arise. In discussions on OA, three types of self-archiving are distinguished.

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  5. On the one hand, access can be provided to works by depositing them in an institutional repository. In this case, authors have the opportunity to deposit their scientific and scholarly texts in a multi-disciplinary repository maintained by their institution e. In disciplinary repositories , on the other hand, scientific and scholarly documents from one discipline or field, for example, are thematically bundled and made available, irrespective of the institution to which the author is affiliated.

    A third variant of self-archiving is to post the work to one's personal website.

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    However, this approach means that the documents in question are not as visible as they would be if they were archived in an institutional or a disciplinary repository. What is more, their long-term availability is not assured. For this reason, posting works to one's personal website is frequently not recognized as a form of green OA. There are also "link roads" between gold and green OA.

    Afrikaner and African politics in the Cape

    The epijournals in mathematics are another example. These OA journals use the infrastructure of repositories in the following way: Authors make their manuscripts available via the OA repository arXiv or Hyper Articles en Ligne HAL before submitting them to an epijournal.

    Diamonds and confederation

    If the submission is accepted for publication after peer review, the published journal article is stored along with the preprint in the repository. Closed-access publishers use arXiv in a similar way by enabling self-archived manuscripts to be automatically fed into their own submission workflow. The self-archiving of preprints prior to publication in a journal also has characteristics of gold and green OA. In the same way, the primary publication of documents such as dissertations or working paper series in a repository is also a hybrid form of the aforementioned strategies.

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    6. Because they are primary publications, they can be regarded as gold OA.