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This error can also be triggered by formatting characters embedded in documents by some word processors. An "id" is a unique identifier. Each time this attribute is used in a document it must have a different value. If you are using this attribute as a hook for style sheets it may be more appropriate to use classes which group elements than id which are used to identify exactly one element. The document does not look like HTML, therefore automatic fallback could not be performed, and the document was only checked against basic markup syntax.

Learn how to add a doctype to your document from our FAQ , or use the validator's Document Type option to validate your document against a specific Document Type.

In most cases, this is a typo that you will want to fix. If you really want to use shorttags, be aware that they are not well implemented by browsers. In such cases, the solution is to put quotation marks around the value. An entity reference was found in the document, but there is no reference by that name defined.

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Often this is caused by misspelling the reference name, unencoded ampersands, or by leaving off the trailing semicolon ;. Be careful to end entity references with a semicolon or your entity reference may get interpreted in connection with the following text. If this error appears in some markup generated by PHP's session handling code, this article has explanations and solutions to your problem.

Note that in most documents, errors related to entity references will trigger up to 5 separate messages from the Validator. Usually these will all disappear when the original problem is fixed. The Validator has tried to validate with a fallback DTD, but this is quite likely to be incorrect and will generate a large number of incorrect error messages. It is highly recommended that you insert the proper DOCTYPE declaration in your document -- instructions for doing this are given above -- and it is necessary to have this declaration before the page can be declared to be valid.

This may happen if you have consecutive comments but did not close one of them properly. This is generally the sign of an ampersand that was not properly escaped for inclusion in an attribute, in a href for example. This error may occur when there is a mistake in how a self-closing tag is closed, e.

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The proper syntax is ' You've included a character reference to a character that is not defined in the document type you've chosen. This is most commonly caused by numerical references to characters from vendor proprietary character repertoires. Often the culprit will be fancy or typographical quote marks from either the Windows or Macintosh character repertoires. The following validation errors do not have an explanation yet. We invite you to use the feedback channels to send your suggestions.

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This service runs the W3C Markup Validator, v 1. W3C liability , trademark , document use and software licensing rules apply. Your interactions with this site are in accordance with our public and Member privacy statements. List of Validator errors and their explanation Below are all the validator's error messages for which we have an "explanation". If no error was raised, the first argument will be passed as null. The JavaScript try…catch mechanism cannot be used to intercept errors generated by asynchronous APIs. A common mistake for beginners is to try to use throw inside an error-first callback:.

This will not work because the callback function passed to fs. By the time the callback has been called, the surrounding code, including the try…catch block, will have already exited. Throwing an error inside the callback can crash the Node. If domains are enabled, or a handler has been registered with process. Error objects capture a "stack trace" detailing the point in the code at which the Error was instantiated, and may provide a text description of the error.

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All errors generated by Node. Creates a new Error object and sets the error. If an object is passed as message , the text message is generated by calling message. The error. Stack traces are dependent on V8's stack trace API. Stack traces extend only to either a the beginning of synchronous code execution , or b the number of frames given by the property Error. Creates a.

The optional constructorOpt argument accepts a function.

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  • If given, all frames above constructorOpt , including constructorOpt , will be omitted from the generated stack trace. The constructorOpt argument is useful for hiding implementation details of error generation from an end user.

    Syntax Errors

    For instance:. The Error. The default value is 10 but may be set to any valid JavaScript number. Changes will affect any stack trace captured after the value has been changed. If set to a non-number value, or set to a negative number, stack traces will not capture any frames. It will only change between major versions of Node. In contrast, error. See Node. The message passed to the constructor will also appear in the first line of the stack trace of the Error , however changing this property after the Error object is created may not change the first line of the stack trace for example, when error.

    Each frame describes a call site within the code that lead to the error being generated. V8 attempts to display a name for each function by variable name, function name, or object method name , but occasionally it will not be able to find a suitable name. If V8 cannot determine a name for the function, only location information will be displayed for that frame.

    My Name is Erro

    Otherwise, the determined function name will be displayed with location information appended in parentheses. Frames are only generated for JavaScript functions. The string representing the stack trace is lazily generated when the error. The number of frames captured by the stack trace is bounded by the smaller of Error.

    Indicates the failure of an assertion. For details, see Class: assert.

    Fix a "Reconnect me" error

    Indicates that a provided argument was not within the set or range of acceptable values for a function; whether that is a numeric range, or outside the set of options for a given function parameter. Indicates that an attempt is being made to access a variable that is not defined. Such errors commonly indicate typos in code, or an otherwise broken program.

    Unless an application is dynamically generating and running code, ReferenceError instances should always be considered a bug in the code or its dependencies. Indicates that a program is not valid JavaScript. These errors may only be generated and propagated as a result of code evaluation.

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    Code evaluation may happen as a result of eval , Function , require , or vm. These errors are almost always indicative of a broken program. SyntaxError instances are unrecoverable in the context that created them — they may only be caught by other contexts.