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What is the procedure? Do I know how to shut off the water valve? Colin Rooke: Again, calling me to tell me about it. Then who do I call immediately to help clean up the mess. Our job is reimbursement. You still have to clean up the mess.

Robert Butler, Aging Expert, Is Dead at 83 - The New York Times

Colin Rooke: I think Paul too, you sort of made a comment that do business check the roofs? How would you suggest business owners kind of get in the habit of doing these things? Brennen Mills: On that note I have to go. You can call us a we. Brennen Mills: We want to help you through that process and as Colin mentioned, not knowing maybe what to do even if you were to call your broker, they specialize in that coverage and ensuring when something happens that you have help.

We are those guys on site that are helping clean it up and keeping your business open. What does a typical disaster look like? Brennen Mills: It is stressful for everyone involved in a large loss. You can feel it province wide, but you know what? Things have to happen and it does take time. Getting in there quick and mitigating that loss to prevent further damage and keeping your business open is. The step-by-step plan we always talk about, does that fit into all of this? Who would come, what would you do? Almost like prequalify the guy cleaning up because at the end of the day, usually Brennen and I would say you would meet your clients in a panicky situation.

I think if the business owner is just feeling more comfortable about who would look after their business and that in the event of a loss? Working in the field of live performance, be it dance or theater in its many forms, compared to other arts disciplines is that the main difference in its practice is that you are reliant on other people to make the actual art.

The performer is, at the moment of creation and execution from the point of the director , the messenger, the interpreter, and the actual "body" of the work. The relationship between director and performer is a very special one. A bond of trust has to be created which allows the performer to give him or herself to the director, both physically, mentally and emotionally, in order to be able to create what the director has in mind. Since the director is unable to play all the parts himself, the performer acts as an extension of the director.

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The director in the creation of the work offers a sketch to the performer, since he is unable to get directly inside the body and emotion and psychology of the performer and the performer with their full capacity, give embodiment to that idea. In casting a performer, often the director sees or senses something in the performer he recognizes from himself, and that what he would want to convey himself if he was asked to perform on stage. The performer serves a partial reflection of the director, and in the same way the performer must have a sense of self recognition with the director.

I wonder if the same mechanism of identification also work with strangers.

Martin Butlers start up guide

That you recognize or identify something inside your self in the other, and vice versa.. The idea was to form on the 9th of november - the night the Wall fell 20 years ago - a line of people that recreated the Berlin Wall with their physical presence, marking the path where the wall once stood. Approximately 10, people formed a human chain that made its way on the 9th of November around 8. This action lasted for 15 minutes. The "Mauer mob" project was about creating a "temporary monument of reflection".

When it was created, the wall was one of the clearest man-made divisions of people with different ideologies. For the 20th anniversary of its deconstruction I wanted rebuilt the Berlin Wall, not from steel and concrete, but from people. To remember when Berlin became one again after decades of separations - physically as well as in the minds To offer a platform for people young and old, east and west, national and international, to express their own feelings about the barriers..

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  7. With the "Mauer Mob. The Mauer mob project was organised by a massive application of social media, and networking sites such facebook, twitter, the german studivz which lead them to the official website of the project, www. The pathway of the wall was divided into sections on the website, which gave links to Google maps, so people could choose themselves where they wanted to stand, and in which group of people along the route. The "Mauer Mob" succeeded in gathering 10, people to join in.

    I think because the project allowed people to take initiative themselves, and offered a sense of co-ownership and co-responsibility. The project offered a platform for people individually to commemorate or reflect upon the fall of the wall, rather than offering something on their behalf. There was a sense that if we want this to work, we have to do it together, each person was important in the chain as the next. Over the last few years i have been, working inside the fashion industry in Milan. I have been able to experience how the fashion world works from the inside.

    It is said " that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder", but there must be something that the multi-billion dollar fashion industry knows, that allows them to be able to easily manipulate the "beholder". Fashion is the industry that creates beauty, and visual allure, on the most quickest and hard hitting level.

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    It dictates to the masses, both educated and not, what is acceptable in the ideals of beauty and what is not, it is a standard that we are all expected to follow. In history the heads of court, dictated the ideals of beauty, but in an ever democracized society, it is the fashion houses themselves, once the servants to the kings, now kings themselves , that now define, how we perceive beauty, how we should perceive ourselves and how we should perceive others.

    Beauty is a strange beast. We want it and if we can't be near, it we want to touch, buy or experience things that have been around beauty..

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    In my experience working as a casting director for shows, and I have to see hundreds of internationally beautiful men and women in one day for a show. The standards are extremely high, her nose is too big, his bum is too low, she cant walk, too tall, too small, too old, too young, too thin, not thin enough, too Slavic, too Brazilian, too American, too editorial, too commercial, the list goes on and on and on.

    One serving as an example to be imitated or compared.. A small object, usually built to scale, that represents in detail another, often larger object. But despite the hard standards of what it is, when you offer yourself as a model, it is a something else that captures the imagination. They are all extremely beautiful people, people that you would stop in the street to look at. But the good ones, the good you want to work with, be close too, have something else..

    It is a certain presence, that makes you want to be around them, a brief moment of falling in love, a moment of infatuation. Fashion holds up a mirror to the viewer, but rather than seeing your own reflection, it reflects another, and even if you can't touch it, you want to.. Special K has come out with numerous television commercials promoting their Special K diet plan. Their latest ad features a modelesque woman sitting at the breakfast table, staring forlornly at her breakfast bowl.

    Then, she opens her cabinet and smiles at the array of Special K cereals at her disposal. I don't know what to do. I need 12 euros to get a taxi back to the hotel. I don't suppose you could help me, could you?

    IFSA University of the Arts, London - Semester Program

    Later my friend and i began talking, would we have done the same thing had it been a homeless person, who had asked for 12 euros in the middle of the night, for something he needed. Ships that pass or crash in the night or the possibilty of playing with random internet chat roulette sites as a creative platform Looking for good people on chatroulette is like looking for a needle in a haystack. This summer i tried to experiment a little with how you could use these random chat sites as a possible creative platform..

    I asked a friend, a pretty young looking french girl to act as bait, since most users are male under 24 years or genitalia exposing middle aged men, she fitted perfectly the idea of "internet bait". The idea was for her to chat with strangers on "Chatroulette" for five to seven minutes, playful, seductive, flirtatious, keeping their interest, with the web camera quite close on her face, to make her look even younger but exposing a little in the back ground of the frame the house and the patio doors leading into a drak garden.

    Lewis, in Lewis died in Besides his daughter Christine, he is survived by three other daughters, Carole Butler Hall, Cynthia Butler and Alexandra Butler; and six grandchildren. Butler acknowledged in an interview two years ago with The Saturday Evening Post that his views on his own aging had changed: he feared death less. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

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