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Lewis, who will turn 80 this month and lives in Nesbit, Tennessee, toured and performed with many of the most famous musicians of the '50s, '60s and '70s - many of whom he has outlived. Raucous: Lewis was famous for his energetic performances - he is pictured above in Manhattan in on top of his piano. Famous friends: Lewis spoke about his meetings with other musical luminaries.

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He is pictured above with Rolling Stone Keith Richards. Lewis recounted his rivalries with those he shared the stage with, including Chuck Berry.

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Honored: Lewis is pictured above at the Hollywood Walk of Fame after being given a star in When Lewis found himself touring with Berry in a set-up, their managers arranged for them to alternate which would close the show each night. But rather than accept playing second fiddle, the interview recounts, Lewis instead doused his piano in lighter fluid, set it on fire and told Berry 'follow that, boy' as he walked off the stage. More recently he recounts being treated with almost religious reverence by musical icons who followed him.

First was John Lennon, who kissed his feet when they met, then Elton John, Lewis's manager said 'was shaking' with reverence at a meeting in New Orleans.


Lewis also addressed his controversial personal life, which has seen him married seven times - sometimes without divorcing the old wife first. His career collapsed when Britain recoiled in horror at the revelation that his wife Myra was just 13 years old - and his first cousin - when the year-old Lewis made his first visit to the United Kingdom. The knock damaged his career, and sent him careening into several more relationships, some of which ended in allegations of violence. However, Lewis now vows that his seventh wife Judith, the ex-wife of teen bride Myra's brother, is the one for him.

He said: 'I got my old girl here. Lewis earlier described her as 'the one I've been lookin' for all the time.

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  4. In conclusion, he said: 'I done pretty well. I got myself a fine place here. Controversy: Lewis's career divebombed when the British press recoiled in horror after realizing his wife Myra was his first cousin - and just 13 years old. Lewis, 22 at the time, is pictured above. He was a hillbilly!

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    Oh man, it was great. I thought everyone was awesome. It just goes to show you the insecurity of it all, and how that is such an intricate part of our makeup.

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    7. We did it last year and it was cool because it was the 35th anniversary gig. It was also 35 below back there and we drove, and there was ice four inches thick in the alley when we unloaded our stuff. Yeah, he was real accessible. We spent six hours talking about everything from catfish bait to guitars.

      That guy reeks of cool. Then once in a while there would be this little TV in my brain and the picture would come in clear, then it would fade out again.

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      From , Lewis went from playing small clubs to being one of the biggest artists in the world, only to have it all come crashing down around him in the midst of scandal. The events of this month span would form the movie's story. The duo previously teamed up on the film The Big Easy , earning critical acclaim and a strong box office return.

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      Jerry Lee was outspoken in his hatred of the biography, arguing that the way Myra's accounts were not historically accurate. He also rerecorded many of his best-known songs for the soundtrack.

      Production faced many pitfalls. Still, there was no more destructive presence than Lewis himself. The rocker continually grappled with producers over his portrayal and the accuracy of events.