Gettysburg: Logan at Culps Hill

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Guildford, J. Charles, W. Haggey, [?

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Hamilton, J. Hammond, Calvin L. K, New York, Photographer: Dr. Hannun, Stephen, Corporal, Co. B, 2nd Delaware, undated 1 item Hardee, General, l. Burgstresser, 3rd Division, 5th Corps, A. Henderson, R. Bergstresser, 3rd Division, 5th Corps, A. Flowers, Harrisburg, undated 1 item Hendrickson, Harry C. Hicks, Dennis B.

Culp's Hill - Ranger Jim Flook

K New York, Photographer: D. Hubbard, E. F, Private, Co. Hoyt, William A. Jenks, Alonzo H. Johnson, Benjamin, Private, Co.

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B, th New York, Photographer: Dr. C, 26th New York, Photographer: Dr. Kittle, James E. Larrimer, William, Major, Killed at Brentaville [? Lashorn, William M.

D, 96th Pennsylvania Vol. Hospital, Photographer: Dr. Schleier's Photographic Gallery, Nashville, Tenn. McCandles, William, Col. Cowley, Brig. Pennsylvania Reserves, Photographer: S. Marvin, S. G, 5th Michigan, Photographer: Dr. Morris, J. Harry, Sergeant, Co. G, 26th Regiment Pennsylvania Vol.

Nelson, General, S. Park, Frank H. Peiffer, Henry M. Phillips, Joseph A. Quail, Sam H. Read, J. Rice, Bruce, Lieutenant, Co. Bucktails , Killed at Strasburg, Photographer: Riley, [? Rush, Fred, Private, Co. K, 82nd Ohio, Dr. Shafer, James K. Snodgrass, R. Strickland, Francis, 1st Sergeant, Co.

Culp's Hill and the Gettysburg Battlefield: Then & Now

Taggart, R. Wright, Charles M. Longaker, 72nd Pennsylvania Vol.

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Longaker Collection, MG box 29 cont. General Banks engraving undated 1 item 2. General Banks engraving undated 1 item 3. Baynes, John T. General Beauregard engraving undated 1 item 5. Betts, David, Photographer undated 1 item 6. Blackwell, GH Sergeant, Co. Bennett, Alexandria, VA undated 1 item 7. Nice, Jersey Shore, undated 1 item 8. Brook e s, John O. Carpenter, JL, Co. Curtin, Andrew Gregg, Gov. Dunn, TW, Corporal , Co.

Garrett, W. Grier, RH, Co. The battle for Culp's Hill would resume at daylight. Show your pride in battlefield preservation by shopping in our store. Every purchase supports the mission. Skip to main content. Civil War. Battle Map. Gettysburg - Culp's Hill, July 2, Learn More: Battle of Gettysburg.

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Download Files. Gettysburg - Culp's Hill, July 2, [pdf] 4. Related Maps. Gettysburg - Defense of Seminary Ridge, July 1, - p. Gettysburg - Peach Orchard, July 2, Gettysburg - Confederates Sweep the Wheatfield. Gettysburg - East Cavalry Field. Join t Fight. Explore Gettysburg. Culp's Hill.