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As a young woman who believed in God and his commandments, I felt sad when I went against his word and Curtis, and I discussed this often. In the end after a year decided that we would wait until marriage to continue our intimate relationship. God created sex, he blessed those that are married with a great level of intimacy, and if your marriage is not like that… DM me on IG: theallpurposewomen or shoot me a message below to ask me ANY questions on how we got there!

As there are so many things we can do to ensure that our married life is everything God intended!

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This can be a hard subject. Personally, I believe that this favor is passed on to the wife as well.

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Being a helpmeet is no easy feat. Favor is a MUST! Putting our marriage first was such a big deal for us at such a tender age. So go for it! Fall in love!!!

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Knowing your purpose is also important! Click here for a few steps! I was already married for 3 years by the time I turned What is your words of wisdom?!? How long have you been married? Nice love story.

I think finding your soulmate at any age is great. I met my hubby as a teenager and we got married at Email address:.

Best-friends Share! Thanks to nursing school, I was able to recognize the symptoms. I insisted my GI doctor perform a colonoscopy.

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I believe it was the early detection and treatment that stopped the stage 1 from becoming a much bigger problem. For more information or to get started today, please contact Kim Newcomer , Manager of Never Too Young, at ext Clicking "Start Over" will empty your resources drawer and take you back to the beginning of the journey customizer.

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Colorectal Cancer Alliance. Get the facts Most people think that colorectal cancer affects only older adults—but today, more adults under the recommended screening age are being diagnosed than ever before. Understand the symptoms Knowing the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer can help you recognize any changes in your body that could be cancer. Take steps to prevent The good news is that colorectal cancer is preventable.