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If you have upgraded your application to the recent tools and application versions, then it is likely that you already realizing the benefits Cloud world and more. Your on-premise application supports continuous delivery model for keeping up to date with technical and functional enhancements and you have the power of selective adoption to choose what to take and when to take it.

Finding Herd-Wide Issues Early

Fluid User Interface and related technology features modernizes your application and makes it easier to access and cater for your ever increasing virtual and mobile workforce. Do you have Unique Differentiators in your PeopleSoft? PeopleSoft enterprise applications are critical to your business functions and have always enabled you to add custom capabilities that are unique to your way of doing business.

If you have such value adding customization or bolt-on functionalities, then losing them could cause a significant impact on how your business is run or even lead to losing your edge over your competition.

'Herd' of dinosaurs found underground at Lightning Ridge

Are your users slow to respond to change? All organizations wish their enterprise application users to be agile and respond quickly and positively to changes. However, change management activity to train and familiarize users with new functionalities can be notoriously painful in most organizations. Do you need total control on Software Change Management?

So, you can plan and schedule the maintenance windows and outage to better suit your business needs, rather than being dictated by software vendors. Does your enterprise system adhere to strict data sovereignty, residency requirements? Data sovereignty, residency and localization requirements vary by country and industry you operate.

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Nature of your business and where you operate could have a significant say in where and how your data must reside and this could be a critical factor when it comes to your choice of cloud vs on-premise. If your answer is YES to many of these questions, then you are best placed to leverage your investment in PeopleSoft applications and maximize your ROI by getting and staying current with latest features and functionalities.

She may find a herd that suits her and settle in for the long haul, or she may spend her whole life wandering from herd to herd, perhaps, at some point, giving up on herds altogether and going solo - Jed McKenna. Posted March 20, edited. Ibn Sina , may I ask how old you are?

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In my experience when you are still young you are far more uncomfortable feeling 'different' or 'lonely' than when you get older. If indeed you are still young teenager or early to mid- twenties then I would just advice you to find the things that you do have in common with people and focus on them. If you are older, then I would suggest to spend some time on your own, as long as you think you can handle to begin with, and increase the amount of time over time.

When you feel ready, go on a holiday all by yourself. You will find that whilst you will still enjoy company, you will prefer your own company over 'bad' company. Just observe and enjoy the lessons, the emotions and the insights you gain from the experience of being aroud others, whether or not they are likeminded. Thanks for sharing! Ibn Sina Hitler was quite good with people There were certainly people who wanted what he wanted who worked with him, they didn't fight with each other until they'd already lost.

The SS is an example. I would just advice you to find the things that you do have in common with people and focus on them. So it is not something to be discovered but something that shines through without any voluntary control. I have always been a solitude loving person from the start of my teenage years, so nothing new to find. Its not a question of teaching or learning or knowing about what creates entertainment and fun and what doesn't, it's about what I like to do and what I don't. Great point. Hitler committed genocide. And how did he commit a genocide? With his herd.

A very very large herd destroying another very very large herd. If you don't believe it then you can try it. I am right or 2.

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You are a highly developed human. If neither is the case, then you are not outside your herd. But again, there is the issue about 'being outside your comfort zone'. One must be careful with such statement. I could however be wrong, so here's a last attempt on my end:. If this is the case, then I don't think you should have such a strong need to find your herd.

'Herd' of dinosaurs found underground at Lightning Ridge

Just be you. No need to stress about it so much. You will or you wont one day find a herd you like. If you do great, if you dont, but you like your own company, also great. Don't worry so much about others.

Whether or not other people love it should not stop you from showing your love for it. It is definitely not easy to find many common interests with all people. If hanging out with certain people makes you more unhappy than happy, then you shouldn't feel forced to keep hanging out with them. Second: Those statements you made about the realisations that hanging out with such groups have in teh past given you about yourself indicate that it does have the beneficial aspect of teaching you more about yourself.

However if you find that there's nothing more to learn from a group of people, and you don't enjoy their company, then just let them go.