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1. They are American through and through

While some are going to need more play time you might find that others tend to be more reserved and will need less. If your terrier is a puppy or younger than you can expect them to have more energy and want to play more than say an older dog. For the most part they will have bursts of energy 15 to 30 minutes when they like to play but a good majority of the time they also enjoy sitting on the couch or your lap.

Because of the shape of their nose they are unable to breath very well and cool the air coming into their nose like a dog with a longer snout. If your dog plays mostly in the house and stays relatively clean then its possible to go months without giving them a bath. Because of wrinkles on the face it is recommended that you clean their face at least once week along with brushing their teeth. If you get yourself a Boston Terrier puppy then you can expect to feed them more times during the day maybe about 4 or 5 smaller meals. If you have a very active dog then they are going to require more food than a dog that may be older and less active.

You just want to make sure that you are not overfeeding them causing them to put on access weight. Although these terriers have some great qualities they can be prone to some health issues that you should be aware of. This is an obstruction of its airway that is inherited and the degree of severity will vary between different dogs.

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Because this breed of dogs have eyes that are protruding they are more apt to suffer from an eye injury. Cataracts are the eye problem most common with Boston terriers and this is due to genetics or maybe an eye injury. If your going to be purchasing a terrier you should ask the seller whether or not the dog has already been checked for cataracts. Its possible that your dog may end up with a dislocated kneecap which is called Patellar Luxation and is genetic in nature. Typically you may notice the dog stretching its back leg in order to bring the kneecap back into position.

Boston Terriers are good pets for just about anyone that wants a well rounded dog with its own personality. Boston Terriers are adorable little dogs that have become very popular pets over time. After doing some research I had narrowed down my choices and the Boston was at the top of the list So lets take a look at the reasons people are buying Boston Terriers so that you get a feel of their good qualities.

History Of The Boston Terrier

I will also go over some of the negatives as well. Keep reading ……. What Makes Boston Terriers Good Dogs When considering a pet for the family there are some basic traits that potential owners look for and Boston Terrier owners are no different. Size There are many different breeds of dogs to consider when you want to bring a new family member home. When it comes to weight you can expect to see a range of 10 to 25 pounds. The female terriers tend to be on the shorter side while the miles are a little taller. Personality One thing you will notice when your around a Boston Terrier is that they tend to get along with everyone whether it be humans or other animals.

20 Cool Facts about the Boston Terrier Breed

They always seem to be in a good mood and like to play. They really enjoy the company of people and bond easily with their owners. Because of this it would not be a good idea to leave them alone for extended periods of time. This does not mean however that every Boston Terrier will just be the smartest dog ever but with consistent early training these dogs will be able to do more than just sit and shake.

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You will find they are very eager to please their owners in return making them easy to train. Doing so, they are willing to try to learn almost anything. Most Boston Terriers I have seen or owned myself are able to quickly pick up simple commands such as sit, shake, and fetching. Here is a great book for training dogs — click here.

Yes, Boston Terriers like most smaller breeds will usually bark quite a bit especially when startled and playing. Boston Terriers are very engaging with their owners and will use barking as a form of communication. However the older the Dog gets the more likely it will begin to bark less and less.

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If you believe your dog has a barking problem there are methods to train your Boston Terrier not to bark. Yes, Boston Terriers are good overall dogs whether you have a big family or by yourself. Boston Terriers are fun, energetic, sweet and smart. They are non-aggressive and overall well behaved. Boston Terriers have a great overall temperament and personality.

I have always enjoyed having a Boston Terrier as a pet due to the fact they have a very active personality. Fast forward to today Boston Terriers are ranked 21st in popularity according to the American Kennel Club , this is mostly due to their family-friendly demeanor and great intelligence. See Boston Terriers have a great reputation for being excellent dogs for almost anyone. Now every dog has their own personality and some are better than others. Yes, Boston Terriers are good with kids and make good family dogs. They love to play and have lots of energy. Boston Terriers make great dogs that love to play fetch, go for walks, cuddle with kids, and can also be protective over their kids.

Now just like any dog the earlier you introduce them to small kids the more kid-friendly they will be.

Boston Terrier dog breed. All breed characteristics and facts about Boston Terrier dogs

Overall Boston Terriers are not an aggressive breed and for the most part, unless they have a bad history of abuse or some other special situation they will not bite or attack a child. I have never heard or seen a Boston Terrier behave in this manner. As for me and my family, I can tell you that our Boston Terrier is great with my kids and they love him in return.

I have seen them pull on him and be a little rough but he always just takes it or if he is annoyed enough he will leave and go somewhere else. Remember that Boston Terriers can be a little hyper when they are young, especially males, so if you have small ones at the home just pay attention. Sometimes they can accidentally scratch or play too hard with small kids.

The earlier you introduce your Boston Terrier as a puppy to your cat the better chance they will get along.

Most of the time after a while, both pets will leave each other alone, but due to Boston Terriers playful and energetic nature, they may unintentionally upset the cat causing the cat to become aggressive and attack. This is the case I see most when introducing dogs with cats. Here are some quick tips when introducing your Boston Terrier with a Cat.

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