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I have even dressed up as her for Halloween so you know that my love is real.

I say that as a person who actually really loves Scott, but the book makes it pretty clear throughout that Scott might not be the perfect male role model. It is then revealed by humorous labels that everything in the apartment is owned by Wallace.

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At least, all of the decent stuff is owned by him. Scott is not a motivated individual, which is foregrounded once again later whenever it is revealed that he does not have a job. There is even a joke levied at Scott throughout the entire run that Scott is the nicest guy that Ramona has ever dated and how pathetic that is. But of course, the biggest offense is that Scott cheated on Ramona and Knives with each other. This deception is such a big deal that it basically causes the big break that occurs at the end of the fifth issue.

Overall, these are just some examples of the way that Scott is awful, but he is also charming, funny, and endearingly simple. When you add all of these characteristics together with the mistakes and negative qualities that I have mentioned it gives you an entertaining and well rounded character that is extremely enjoyable to watch while both winning and losing.

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It is the series that showed me how funny, smart and accessible they could be. It integrates elements from all different types of media video games, movies, and manga and uses those influences to be self-referential and witty. It is a rom com, while also being a story about loss and ineptitude. You should read it. Let ComicsVerse help ….

5 “Notes to Self” About the Precious Little Time You Have Left

December 22, Why Musicians Make Great Comics You might have realized that some amazing comic creators are also musicians. The two mediu…. January 24, Fred Van Le…. December 20, August 22, June 11, June 9, Becky Kumar is about t….

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5 “Notes to Self” About the Precious Little Time You Have Left

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