5000 Days Later: SIFI Novella of our Near Future

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Some objects are useless some are so dangerous they get locked aways have the keys thrown out. The story is about one of these objects which gets captured in transit, one catch the object is an almost omnipotent agent which also wants to destroy the world. Don't expect end the universe shenganings or lots of action. This series is amazing but one of the highlights of the first book is the MC discovers the ship has a gym. This is a series of books about the MC learning and discovering the world around him and getting money on the side.

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Also the journey to a merchant captain. Prospector discovers a a trillion unit of money mining find, at the same time an sentient species invades his home. The beginning of Red Rising is a bit rough though imo. Space Race Near Future SciFi - Saturn Run by John Sandford Clein and company - An object is discovered entering the solar system and is decelerating, space race ensues between the major world powers to get to Saturn which was the objects destination.

Post Apocalyptic - Metro by Dmitry Glukovsky - One of the best atmospheric audiobooks I have had the pleasure to listen to. Got the 4th down though. Also I have a lot of stuff to listen to still. Thank you for the suggestions, it looks like I'm going to be purchasing another 3 credits here since it's payday and I'm getting pretty excited about new books.

I will definitely be getting Cast under an Alien Sun as it's been suggested multiple times after being in my wish list for a while. I didn't mention it was beyond the scope of my post that I'm also an avid reader of physical books and have already devoured A Song of Ice and Fire as well as Lightbringer sucks The Burning White got pushed until next year. Fuzzy Nation as well as Sufficiently Advanced Magic both sound every interesting and I also keep coming across The Martian as a recommendation so it looks like I need to get it, loved the movie and I hear having watched it before reading only adds to the story.

Again thank you for taking the time to comment, happy reading! Cool it seems we have very similar reading interests. Cast under an Alien Sun is great and the author is working on a sequel series. Lightbringer - very enjoyable tomes. I read the books when they came out and a few years ago listened to the entire series on Audible. The first book starts slow but it is worth it to stick with it.

It is so different from the movie. I listened to this on my commutes to work and home and loved it. There are some strong similarities that makes me think that Jonathan Renshaw was partially inspired by Blood Song, but they are vastly different in every other part.

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Blood Song is a much more darker series with well written characters that have fantastic character development. Magic of a kind does exist in this world, but not conventionally. The first book is told by the main character and he recounts the events of his life as he is being sent to his death.

The other two are told in the present. I highly recommend them. All responses are appreciated, I actually have Blood Song as a physical copy but I have yet to read it. I believe I purchased it about 2 years ago on sale and on a recommondation because they knew I like sword fights so I'll definitely be getting to it soon.

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Which means the ker with the least amount of books still had 7 books in their backlist! Spending more time writing yields more published books, which appears to be a successful strategy. These findings are based on the data, and what we see in the marketplace. We work with over 34, authors at the time of writing this post, so we have a lot of experience to draw from.

The quotes are pasted verbatim from the survey results. This is a journey. Get the next book ready, but take your time to make it excellent. Try to write and hold a book in a series so you can release the books more closely in time. Commit your body and soul to producing the best work you can. Every reader is precious and connecting with them the most important thing you can achieve.

Guide Days Later: SIFI Novella of our Near Future

Being an Indie Author is a profession best done independently. Write what you love, write the way you want to, and forget everything. However, market trends should not be ignored in cover design and book title. Learn the market and how to promote within it yourself. Every aspect of your business. Authors are their own best marketing tool. Use a professional cover and hire an editor. Also, when starting out, Kindle Unlimited is probably the best route to go unless you can market heavily and pay for advertising. Write every day. Never give up!

I was told I could never make it, but I proved everyone wrong. I was rejected by one agents and publishers. And it was a blessing in disguise!!! I now run my own ship and make my own rules.